How alternative medicine is becoming first choice of people

If you’re living a busy life, chances are that you are either coughing or sneezing or both, which are the general symptoms of a viral flu or many other problems you might be having. The busy schedules which people follow in order to achieve their professional goals, they conveniently forget their health and concerns for it. A cough home remedy might help a little but none of them covers up for the nutrient deficiency and the body against lifestyle one chooses to live. Such lifestyle does nothing but gives a toll to one’s immune system that tends to weaken up immensely. The first predators generally are the rhinovirus, they line up in your nose which leads to runny nose, cough, sneezes and breathing troubles.


These remedies generally include fish oil as a medium to fight these viruses. It is quite crucial information to know that cold and cough never happens because of the cold weather but because of the fact that too many people congregate themselves in one room, which leads to the transfer of this virus. Cold and cough generally arrives through this virus whose chance to stick to us increase in the closed surroundings, a handshake or touch on the knob which is affected by this virus can lead to an entry of this virus within oneself.  Alternative medicine has advanced enough to offer one with healthier options, the antibiotics leave quite a few side-effected while they are fighting with these viruses, something as common and meager as cold and cough can be easily treated with home remedies!

Before one starts making use of these medicines, one must know the nature of the disease. When one suffers from cough and cold, the blood vessels swells up and amplifies the creation of mucus and these two processes give rise to the runny nose and the stuffy feeling. The irritation which this virus causes then results in sneezing and if the virus makes the line of lungs, than it starts reproducing there and which then leads to coughing.

Being Indians, we are blessed with several natural remedies to prevent ourselves from such things. The fish oil contains quite high proportions of Vitamin A and Vitamin which helps to solidify ones immune system. The way fish oil functions as such a beautiful Alternative medicine to give relief from the minor problems is such a sight to watch. There are several more remedies which help you to de-swell the blood vessels, sensitize the mucus line and reduce the irritation in the membranes but none of them can replace the basics of a good sleep, full nutritional intake and good fluid intake. What these remedies can only do is to give a tough fight and battle the viruses within your body. And we’ve heard from our childhood that prevention is better than cure so sleep well, eat well, drink well and live well!

Tips to improve memory power

Your memory is a store of information that guides your actions and behavior and aids your future thoughts and beliefs as well. There are 2 types of memory- fluid and crystallized. Over the passage of age, crystallized memory- of acquired knowledge and intuition- remains intact while fluid memory- of regular tasks and duties- starts to fade. Gradual and steady loss of memory soon leaves people disoriented and disorganized. The same is also the consequence of loss of vision due to myopia and far-sightedness as well. What are the best ways to improve memory power and eyesight? Here’s a look at them.

421532_321930047843806_1378641021_nOmega-3 to improve memory power and eyesight-

Doctors usually recommend a large number of prescribed foods which help to restore and maintain memory. Among them, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are recommended the most. Research proves that most cases of degenerative diseases like attention deficit and Alzheimer’s stem from deficits of these nutrients. Therefore, people bound to suffer from fading memory should ideally have more of foods like fish oil and seafood products to boost their omega-3 levels to substantial amounts as well. Incidentally, this nutrient also works in great ways for you if you want to improve vision as well. Therefore, try to have more of these nutrients in the best concentrated form to get both benefits at the same time.

Vitamins and nutrients to improve vision and memory-

Among the many vitamins to improve eyesight and vision, there is one which comes up as the first preference. This is called as Vitamin A which is better known as Retinol. The name itself suggests that Vitamin A-rich foods like eggs, meat, vegetables like carrots and marine foods like prawns as well as nuts can help you improve and maintain your eyesight. Along with Vitamin A, antioxidant-rich foods will help to solve both problems. They help to keep age-related problems like cataracts and color-blindness as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay. This is done as they eliminate the devastating free radicals that enter the body. These nutrients along with minerals will work to improve memory power.

Exercises to improve memory power and vision-

The exercises are some of the ways to improve your memory as well as eyesight also. You can then build your eyesight and maintain it with the help of exercises of the eyes. One of the most effective exercises is that one should rotate his eyes in every direction so as to add to the flexibility of vision and eyesight as well. As for mental exercises, there are memory games and memory puzzles that will further add to the memory power as well. These games and exercises will help together in improving your memory ability and help you to improve vision.



Steps to a healthy brain development

Human beings are the most intelligent species on earth. The human brain is one of the most complex organs and has an amazing command over the human body. It uses up to twenty percent of the energy used by the human body, more than any other organ. The brain acts as the remote control of the body. Brain development occurs as a complex interaction between environmental and physiological factors.

Maximum brain development occurs during a child’s early years. By the age of 3, a child’s brain reaches about 90% of the adult size. Since environment and genetics play a very important role in the enhancement of the brain, providing the right environment and brain stimulation in the early years is very essential. From the age of 0-6 years, the child is at the peak of his/ her physical and mental development. Thus, it is important to expose the child to the right moral, social, emotional and nutritional environment, from an early age. He/ She should be given the right amount of vitamins and essential fatty acids to enable the brain to function to its optimum capacity.

cod liver oil

Cognitive/Neural development is majorly influenced by social factors like lifestyle and food. The brain is the life support of the nervous system. A healthy diet and regular exercise is said to be the key to a healthy and active body. But research has found certain diets to be insufficient in providing nutrients essential to brain development, as a result of artificial modes of growing food.

Health supplements act as catalysts to improve the quality of the body. That does not imply that one relies entirely on them. These are effective only when paired with the right diet and regular amount of physical activity. These supplements help in boosting memory, improving attention span, better performance in academics and controlling or slowing down brain decline related to aging.

These nutritional supplements can be consumed by both children and adults, but not before proper medical consultation and prescription. Excessive consumption can be harmful to the cognitive growth or function of the individual. One needs to find the right supplement which will work harmoniously with his/ her body. Hence, consumption of any kind of additional supplements should only be started after getting a green signal from the doctor. Health supplements should be consumed moderately and in accordance to the prescribed dosage.

A pill a day adds to a cell in the brain.

Why do people need cod liver oil tablets?

It is a must to control your diet in today’s times. It is very crucial as one’s diet consists of the most important nutrients and minerals existing in the body. Having optimum nutrition is a must for survival, disease and disorder free. Having a balanced diet is a must to maintain the chemical composition of all the nutrients, as each element in our staple balanced diet contains one of the nutrients needed. But due to improper dietary activities, general lifestyle and stress in today’s world, not many are able to follow the concept of a balanced diet.  Such people end up having deficiencies and need medicines such asCod liver oil for compensation.


Such forms of supplements offer a variety of health benefits to its users. Not only do these medicines compensate for the loss of nutrition, but also cure a lot of health disorders. These tablets are mainly taken for its high content of Vitamins especially vitamin A, usually given to 0-8 year old kids in order to prevent diseases such as rickets due to deficiency.  It is also believed to have be beneficial against arthritis which is a common problem associated with old age, especially in the subcontinent. These supplements also are believed to be good for the heart, bones and rebuilding skin.

The problem with people is not only with the time, but also with the style and method of cooking. Indians like spicy and fried food and the way they make their food ending up taking away all the nutrition from the vegetables, which make way for need of alternative medicines. Fish oil tablets are also a hit for people looking in for nutrition compensation.

Cod Liver Oil Capsules

Even people in foreign countries have started taking such supplements and the market of such medicines has grown in the last decade. These health supplementscome in different forms and a lot of brands which caters to a variety of age groups. They are at times in the form of powders, to be mixed with milk or tablets, to be taken with water. These medicines are also vegetarian for countries like India with high religious value.

But the question is there a genuine need of having artificial supplements for existence? The answer to the question varies from person to person. Unless a doctor recommends intake of such medicines, taking them is not advisable. Balanced diet, which includes home-made food, is enough for any person wanting to stay healthy and fit. Tablets such as cod liver oil and fish oil, are not meant for regular use without any reason. It is meant for people who are recommended to have it or suffering malnutrition. Be it an old age person or a small child, it is must to first try regular home-based food before going in for any sort of medication.


Natural remedies for a long and healthy life

If you want to avoid any health problems and live a long life full of health and vitality, then it is highly important that you begin taking care of yourself this instant. Eating healthy foods and getting regular exercise is the way to go when it comes to staying fit but in today’s hectic world it becomes a bit difficult to be disciplined about your food and exercise habits. All of us need a little extra help when it comes to health and using natural remedies to get healthy and stay fit is the best thing you can do for your body.


The need for natural remedies in your daily life-

We use our bodies day in and day out for numerous functions, without proper mobility we feel completely handicapped. Our body undergoes regular wear and tear and for this reason it is extremely important to rejuvenate your mind and body. Our body naturally heals itself, but as we get older we need extra help staying fit. The best vitamins and mineral supplement can help us remain youthful and retain our vitality so that age becomes just a number. Taking regular supplements can prove to be extremely beneficial.

Getting the best vitamins and minerals in your system-

As we get older, we grow susceptible to a host of different illnesses and problems. We must deal with heart, bone, skin and even nervous system issues and the quality of our daily lives get impacted because of these. Therefore, a lot of people resort to natural remedies for their issues and one of the most popular and best working natural remedies is regular intake of cod liver oil. Cod liver oil benefits people with a wide range of issues and can also be taken by youngsters to prevent these issues from creeping up on them later in life.

Benefits of natural remedies over medicines

Our body is an organic entity and it is best to keep it that way. No doubt in emergency situations, medicines are extremely important and helpful. But in our daily lives, it is best if we keep ourselves fit and treat ourselves against any illnesses by all natural means. The best vitamins and minerals can be found in naturally occurring foods and no matter how advanced we get, we cannot beat Mother Nature when it comes to holistic and healthy living. We may pride ourselves as the smartest creatures on the planet, but we cannot overtake the magic and care of naturally occurring foods.

It has been known since time immemorial that home remedies using natural substances are the best and that wisdom has been perpetuated till today. This has happened for a reason, every household has remedies that involve natural substances because they are the best vitamin and mineral sources and a huge majority of houses believe in the natural remedy that is cod liver oil. Natural substances are much better and healthier choices in the long run and switching to them as early as possible is one of the best things you can do for you and your loved ones.

Improve vision through natural means

Are you looking for clearer eyesight, but don’t want to use corrective lenses or surgery? Though the jury is still out on whether you can improve vision through natural means, you can try a few tips and exercises that might help. Here’s what to do.

While you probably can’t change your vision with diet alone, you can make sure your eyes have all the nutrients they need. Try to incorporate these foods into your meals: Leafy greens (such as kale, chard, collards and spinach) are great, as well as carrots. Omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish like salmon and tuna) are great for your body. Citrus fruits and juices (such as oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit) are also good for you body. Non-meat protein sources (like bananas, beans and nuts).


Like any other muscle, the muscles around your eyes can start to feel fatigued and painful if you strain them too much. Try these eye health tips to cut back on visual fatigue:  Practice the “20-20-20″ trick. If your work involves staring at a screen for long periods of time, take a break every 20 minutes, and focus on a point 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Turn down brightness. If you’re looking at a computer or television screen, turn down the brightness to the lowest possible level. You should still be able to see, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re staring at a bright light. Make text bigger. If you’re reading on a computer, use your program’s zoom function to make the text larger. Or, if reading small print in books is a problem, invest in a reading magnifying glass or buy larger-print editions.

Vision therapy has a few different modalities, but the primary types are:
Orthoptics: An orthoptist focuses specifically on related to eye movement and coordination. If you have double vision, a lazy eye, or crossed eyes, this is probably the right choice for you. You can ask your eye doctor or family practice doctor to refer you to an area orthoptist. Behavioural optometry: A behaviour optometrist works on helping patients manage visual skills and tasks. If you struggle to recall visual information, or if you have a hard time looking at complicated visual systems (like maps or puzzles), you might consider behavioural optometry. Ask your eye doctor for a referral.

Eat carrots they’re filled with vitamin A, which helps your eyes. Every day in the morning, open up the window and look at the trees. Pick the farthest one. Keep staring at it for 5-10 minutes every day, and after a few months or weeks, your vision will improve. Sprinkle a little water on your eyes at least 3 -4 times a day. This will help you to relax your eyes and eventually improve vision. Do eye exercises such as rolling your eyes, looking down, up, side to side .Manage your expectations. Even if these changes can help your eyesight over the long term, you probably won’t see a dramatic improvement right away. Be patient.