Health Supplements intake for better vision

Our eyes are considered as a window to the soul and the way they are capable of communication cannot be either performed or justified with our simple words. To have proper eye sight and to improve vision can be considered as a mandatory and one of the most important aspects of self care. Sadly, it is ignored many times.

When peeped into some statistics, it was confirmed that unlike the other parts of the body, eye care is given very little or no importance at all. It is only taken into consideration when a major issue arises with the eye sight. However, that should not be the case and hence we are writing these words to encourage you to take proper care of your eyes to improve vision.

cod liver oil

It is particularly noticed, that children throwing a lot of tantrums for their meals lack the necessary vitamin and nutrients for proper growth and bodily maintenance and they also fall in the traps of vision problems. Even adults over fifty have vision loss due to inadequate intake of nutrients. All these problems can be prevented and cured with the help of eye health supplements.

Studies show that the quality of eyes mainly depend on Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C intake along with the intake of fiber and zinc in the diet. Vitamin A deficiencies are known to cause the dreadful diseases of night blindness and they are also related closely to the development of cataract in the eyes. To maintain the moisture level in the corneas, it is crucial to have maintained intakes of Omega 3 fatty acids. These vitamins and nutrients can be acquired via intakes of green leafy vegetables like spinach. Freshwater Fish is also a great source of Omega 3 acids. It may happen sometimes, that natural supplements may not be enough and will not suffice the needs for your healthy eyes, that is when is required to resort to eye health supplements.


After referring to expert’s views, a list of useful and easily accessible health supplements was listed for users to access and benefit from:

The source of Vitamin A supplements is known to generally come from the source of beta-carotene pills, which are easily available in the market at decent prices. The chemical present in the beta – carotene pills acts as a natural precursor of retinal and vitamin A, which is converted into it within the body. In disclaimer, one should note that no matter how beneficial, these pills would not be as useful and body – friendly as are the natural sources of the same vitamins. For example, the body might not respond well to the synthetic beta-carotene in the pills as it does to natural sources such as carrots. Other notable side effect is that the body might have an intake of vitamins more that it requires, which can lead to nausea, anxiety, sleeping disorders or constipation. It is always recommended that you contact your primary healthcare providers before beginning any medication or intake to improve vision.

Cod liver oil – The need of a modern nuclear family.

As modern nuclear families hurry everywhere for work, education and livelihood, they are forced to make sacrifices due to the ever present shortage of time. These sacrifices come mainly in the form of skipping on meals and outdoor activities. While people go about their fast paced lifestyles, they keep missing out on essential nutrients responsible for physical and mental well being. That directly affects and hampers people in the everyday activities that they do. However, there is a simple solution to these problems in the form of various supplements like cod liver oil.


Being the best source of Omega3 fatty acids and being abundant with vitamins A and D, this product improves the nutrition of the body. In fact, the medicinal usage of the oil, made from cod fish dates back to 1789, when it was first used to treat rheumatism. Since then, many more advantages to using this supplement have surfaced and the usage increased. As cod fish is the only source of this oil, vegetarians are deprived of its many benefits. It has been thus made into a capsule for easy consumption by anyone who wishes it.

The health benefits of this dietary add on cannot be ignored. From alleviating arthritis pain, to reducing heart disease risk, the positive effects are many. The Vitamin A content helps to improve vision and to maintain well being of the immune system.  People who avoid foods like carrots, broccoli, non-vegetarian foods may suffer from Vitamin A shortage. Deficiency of this vitamin can cause serious harm to vision and may culminate into complete blindness.

Vitamin D is primarily available through exposure to sunlight. Although it is not actually an essential dietary vitamin in the strict sense, people who don’t spend much time under the sun may be deficient. Vitamin D is responsible for absorbing important minerals like calcium in the body and its deficiency may lead to weak and brittle bones.

The omega 3 fatty acids in cod liver oilhave EPA and DHA which help the body by boosting metabolism. They are the essential or healthy fats required by the body. Sadly, both these chemicals are found only in certain fishes and people who don’t include seafood in their diet may miss out on them.

cod liver oil

  • Taken as a whole in the capsulated pill form, this dietary supplement has many benefits, proven and suspected. Some of the collective benefits are as follows:
  • It alleviates pain related with arthritis. Taking it regularly has proven that the oil can reduce inflammation in bones and reduce pain greatly.
  • It helps prevent coronary artery disease. Regular intake can help prevent coronary atherosclerosis and keep the heart healthy.
  • The cod liver pill can also boost metabolism. Although it is not scientifically proven, many people say that applying an ointment made from it can heal wounds faster.
  • It is also remedial for other things like high blood pressure, kidney health for people with diabetes and to improve vision.

Thus, being robbed of essential Vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids can be disastrous. It is thus a very good dietary supplement that ensures good health of the individual. Thankfully for people who are averse to eating seafood, cod liver oilis available in pill form in many drug stores and pharmacies.



Nutritional supplement- Cod liver oil

As time progresses, more and more cures and treatments for various illnesses and for the fitness of human health are being discovered, with the help of scientific research and in-depth diagnosis. One of many such discoveries has been the use of Cod liver oil which is found to be a nutritional supplement derived from oil extracted from the liver of cod fish. As is with most fish oils, it consists of high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Rich with vitamin A and vitamin D content, this particular oil has been known to prevent rickets and other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in children and has been commonly given to children since its identification. However, as further uses of the oil are recognized, the use of it increases with an increase in the manufacturing of this oil.

cod liver oil


Cod liver oil was traditionally manufactured by filling a wooden barrel with fresh cod livers and sea-water and allowing the mixture to ferment for up to a year before removing the oil. But in the modern times it is made by cooking the whole cod body tissues of fatty fish during the manufacture of fish meal. A natural entity filled with tremendous amount of energy and nutrients; it has the ability to soothe pain and joint stiffness associated with arthritis. It has likewise been said to have a positive effect on the heart and bone as also assists in the repair of wounded skin, hair, nails and teeth. This pretty much covers ailments of the entire human body, with its treatment offered in one single packet.

Cod liver oil may furthermore be an effective correlative measure for long-term treatment of multiple sclerosis. As also the use of this oil during pregnancy is associated with lower risk of Type I Diabetes in the offspring. Cod liver oil taken by nursing mothers improves the breast milk by increasing the amount of fatty acids, which promotes brain development, and the amount of vitamin A, which helps prevent infections, but the level of vitamin D is unchanged.

Although similar to fish oil, the oil secreted from a cod liver has higher levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. A Norwegian study of more than 68,000 women reported that female cancer patients who took daily cod liver oil supplements had significantly reduced mortality (25% for all cancers, 45% for lung cancer) compared to women who did not take such supplements.

cod liver oil

This particular fish oil is also known to improve eyesight gradually. With research centers and doctors claiming the benefits of this age old health supplement, it is advisable for consumption but in appropriate levels. An overdose of anything can be harmful, especially of oil that consists of high levels of vitamins. Over-consumption can lead to a condition called as hypervitaminosis A. Therefore the right amount of consumption as consulted in the doctor’s prescription is advised for consumption. Usually each such capsule containing the oil consists of 284 IU of Vitamin A, 28.4 IU of Vitamin D, 30 mg of DHA and 20 mg of EPA, all of which are under the Tolerable Upper Intake Level. Hereby, consumption of this oil in proper dosage levels is a safe and healthy way to enhance body fitness.

Steps towards brain development

We humans are the smartest living species in the planet and there is a reason towards us being the most superior ones here. Right from the period of evolution there has been a transformation in the body of humans in every aspect. The peripheral organs, the nervous system organs as well as the internal organs have been altered from the previous stage to the latter age. The human hand has a thumb which helps it perform different functions and also, the humans have an intellect which is above all the other animals and that even applies to stupid people. The brain development is a stage in the growth process which is one of the significant phases in life.

Cod Liver Oil

This is basically the process that generates, shapes, and reshapes the nervous system from the earliest stages of embryogenesis to the final years of life. The study of neural enhancement aims to describe the cellular basis of brain development and to deal with the fundamental mechanisms. The field draws on both neuroscience and developmental biology to grant insight into the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which compound nervous systems develop. Imperfections in neural development can lead to cognitive, motor, and intellectual disability, as well as neurological disorders such as autism and Rett syndrome. Thus brain development is a very curial stage which needs proper nurturing.

The uses of cod liver oil:

Every one of us has food on a daily basis and there are a lot of ingredients we add in our meals. However, we do not analyze whether which ingredients might enhance our health and which might degrade the same. Hence, if we cook our meals by adding cod liver oil, we can ensure that good nutrients are entering our stomachs. A rich source of vitamin A and vitamin D helps us overcome a lot of childhood hindrances. Nowadays there are even tablets available. After a heavy meal, one can intake these tablets in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle free from muscle problems as well as issues related with pain in the joints.

The benefit of cod liver oil: It is derived from cod fish and it has high levels of omega-3 acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). It also contains high amount of vitamin A and vitamin D which cure night blindness and rickets respectively. It is consumed in the places around the world where there is less sunshine. Since sun rays are a natural source of vitamin D, Cod liver oil fulfils that requirement by containing the required vitamin. It is majorly given to small children to prevent them from such hazards.


Brain development in children:

Throughout the lifetime, the human body undergoes neural changes. When the child is hardly ten months old, the neurons just start to connect to each other. Then from birth up to six years, the brain development is the maximum as it inculcates a lot of factors over the period. There is voluntary movement, reasoning, perception, emotions, planning and memory. All these factors later on just keep on enhancing. Come what may, the growth never stops.

The alternative to a balanced diet- A Vitamin supplement

Food is one such thing whose primary function is to provide fuel for the body to run and energy to develop.  The importance of food is being lost in today’s times, where people are forgetting what food is actually meant for. People have started eating junk food, which only is good for the taste buds but really harmful for the body, increasing fat and not giving any nutrients to the body. Vitamins and minerals are needed in the body for proper growth and development, without which many complications can occur. The people end up eating improper food on regular basis and then getting ill due to lack of proper nutrition. They then end up needing artificial help of a  vitamin supplement  to make-up for their intake of vitamins.


Supplements and medicines are needed for those who do not have sufficient proportion of vitamins and minerals in their bodies. These supplements are unnatural and also not recommended by certain doctors. Fish oil is one such supplement, which is derived from the tissues of oily fish, also the reason for its name. These are tablets which are eaten for a variety of health benefits it provides. Many individuals are taking it on daily basis due to many different reasons.

Cancer, cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and many more are problems which are treated by Fish oil. These medicines have grown in the global market at an alarming speed in the last decade serving millions of people. These tablets are widely available throughout the market and doctors recommend these for those having certain health problems. Another such supplement is cod liver oil, which works on similar lines. Cod liver oil is derived from the liver of fishes and has high content of Vitamin A and D also having various therapeutic benefits. One major being, curing of arthritis, which is common disorder of old age.

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People who follow a systematic balanced diet never need any sort of artificial help with these supplements. For those who do not, doctor’s give multivitamins which is a preparation intended to be a dietary supplement rich in minerals and vitamins. A vitamin supplement is available in the form of tablets, but it also comes in capsules, syrups, powders and injectable forms. Many age groups benefit from these especially the older population who need more energy as compared to the younger generations. They can have it in the powder form, mixed with milk or water. Even children can be given these supplements mixed with their morning milk, if needed.

The problem of artificial medicines, powders and capsules is that they form a habit for the body. By taking it regularly, the body gets addicted to these intakes and one cannot easily discontinue taking it when treated. Vitamin supplement are at the end of the day artificial, and anything which is not natural to the body can be harmful. People should prefer gaining vitamins by having natural food such as dairy products, eggs, fish, and pulses. It is better to have a balanced diet every day, rather than engaging in medicines which can be harmful for the liver and other organs in the long run.

The advent and widespread use of health supplements

In the fast paced working conditions and competitive life in today’s world, more often than not individuals do not get time to take care of themselves. Especially in a country like India, where people are always on their toes throughout the day and the amount of time they spend at work for their businesses and services, do not leave them with a chance to care for their health. They do not even get time to have good quality food, and settle for food from the streets. These careless attitude leads to health disorders and do not give them enough nutrients to grow leading to deficiencies. Thus, they end up needing  health supplements  in order to compensate for their nutritional loss.

cod liver oil

The problem with people is not only with the time, but also with the style and method of cooking. Indians like spicy and fried food and the way they make their food ending up taking away all the nutrition from the vegetables, which is needed for the growth of human body. Deficiencies associated with Vitamin inadequacy or insufficient minerals are common especially in the case of children. They thus have to take vitamin and mineral tablets and powders in order stay healthy. Cod liver oil is one such supplement which helps people overcome loss of vitamin A and D. It is made from the liver of cod fish and has various therapeutic uses for humans.

Tablets like these, which are not vegetarian, are taken by many on day to day basis on physician’s recommendation. These are additional medicines taken for as per requirement. Cod liver oil has many medicinal uses due to which it has become very famous in today’s times. These tablets are mainly taken for its high content of Vitamins especially vitamin A, usually given to 0-8 year old kids in order to prevent diseases such as rickets due to deficiency.  It is also believed to have be beneficial against arthritis which is a common problem associated with old age. These supplements also are believed to be good for the heart, bones and rebuilding skin.

Even people in foreign countries have started taking such supplements and the market of such medicines has grown in the last decade. These health supplements come in different forms and a lot of brands which caters to a variety of age groups. They are at times in the form of powders, to be mixed with milk or tablets, to be taken with water. These medicines are also vegetarian for countries like India with high religious value.

The benefits of health medicines and supplements are plenty but if taken in wrong doses it may have negative impact on humans. Tablets such as cod liver oil, can lead to serious damage if taken more than the optimum limit or if taken without the doctor’s recommendation. The best way to tackle this is to have a balanced diet rich in all the sources of energy. If proper diet is taken, there will never be sufficient nutrition in one’s body and no need of external sources will arise, keeping them fit and active without any artificial help.

Some effective ways of home remedy for cough.

In the growing technology and fast paced life, people hardly get time to take care of their own self. It is very important for people to set aside time from their work and studies, in order to make sure that they get enough nutrition and energy to work and take care of their health. Many complications occur when correct amount of rest or proper food is not eaten often leading to problems associated with growth and brain development.

cod liver oil

Why one should make sure enough care is taken in order to have proper brain development?

  • Brain is the centre to a variety of lobes which are controlling various senses of human body including sense of touch, hearing and sight. It is important for growth of brain to occur since it is responsible for functioning of these senses as well as responsible for intelligence of humans.
  • Down syndrome can occur.
  • Meningitis which is inflammation of the lining of brain can occur, if not taken care of.
  • Seizures and trauma may occur.
  • It is very important to focus for the developing of human brain since it also determines the overall health of individuals as well is responsible for intelligence.
  • Vitamins and minerals are responsible for growth of the brain especially for young brains.

Not only is the eating of right food important for growth of the brain but also responsible for further health disorders. Often people catch cold and cough due to eating outside or having water which is harmful or having a cold thing such as an ice cream or cold drinks. Cough is a very irritable state where people have a sore throat as well as unstoppable sensation of coughing. It is very important to deal with such a state of disorder and even more important to have a home remedy for cough.

What can be an effective of home remedy for cough?

  • Honey: honey is the most effective natural remedy incase of cough. It can be added to lime syrup, or be taken directly.
  • Taking a hot shower- A simple way can be to take a hot shower at home.
  • Steam- Inhaling steam is also a very effective way of killing cough.
  • Lemon- Just simply eating or sucking a lemon can help feel better.
  • Tea- Favorite of every Indian, tea is a great remedy in itself to cure cough. Green tea or normal tea, mixed with ginger can work wonders.
  • Gargling- Gargling with hot water or hot water mixed with salt can also do wonders.
  • Garlic- Crushed garlic mixed with lemon or honey can be effective in case of cough and sore throat.

The primary problem lies in taking care of one self. If prompt prior care is taken, never will a situation arise when you would need a home remedy for cough, or need supplements for better growth of human brain. It is important to note the importance of proper balanced diet, at least 8 hours of sleep every night, mild exercises and making sure that you don’t eat junk and cold stuff regularly. If these points are taken care, a healthy lifestyle with minimum illnesses can be achieved easily.